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Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers we have assisted in the past when it comes to saving money by supply instant quotes on Home Security and Alarm Systems.

Yes, we guarantee that we only use local experts and accredited companies when we hunt the best quote for you. We also ensure that we follow up on all quotes and services offered and if a local expert fails to succeed in giving excellent service and quality products, we no longer use such local expert when hunting for the best quotes. This way you know you are getting the best price and best quality products and services related to the home security and alarm systems sector in South Africa.

We only use acredited and experienced local experts for obtaining quotes on alarm systems with the option of installation if needed. These alarm systems all have 1 year or more warranties.

If you need outdoor alarm systems and or sensors we will gather the best quotes and supply you with the best quotes and options.  Normally we do ask if you need outdoor sensors before working out a quote as well and advise accordingly.

As we hunt the best possible quotes for you, other companies compete with each other ensuring you get the lowest prices when it comes to security solutions and alarm systems.


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Home Security Alarm Systems is not affiliated with Fidelity ADT Security in any way. We are an independent company, and our goal is to find our visitors the best possible quotes pertaining to the security solution sector in South Africa.

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